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Rebirth :: The 2025 QE3 Retreat 

The Rebirth Retreat is designed to guide you into rediscovering your inner self and throwing off everything that no longer serves your BECOMING.

Each part of your Whole Being will be realigned with your core beliefs, reconnected to your unique personal strength, completely regenerating you and enabling you to redefine WHAT you want for your life and rediscover HOW your gifts and abilities can empower you to get there.


 Thursday, June 5th thru Sunday, June 8th, 2025

Your QE3 Rebirth Retreat ticket includes*:

  • Four (4) interactive, regenerative and transformative Whole Being workshops, conducted by Certified Master Coach, Renee Hutcherson Lucier, CMC

  •  Four (4) coaching exercises that support each workshop and are designed to guide you in immediately applying each life principle that's been introduced

  •  One Multidimensional Inventory of Personal Intelligence (MIPI) Coaching Assessment, a MIPI Assessment Debrief session, one VIA Total 24 Character Strengths Assessment, plus a VIA Assessment Debrief session 

            (Additional professional coaching tools, worksheets and resources may be included.

             It irecommended (not required) that materials which make up the pre-course retreat                 packet be completed prior to attending.)


  • QE3 Pamper Spa Session (Available Only on Thursday) to include, as operations &

      availability allow, the selection of one wellness spa session [such as, one 50-minute full     

      body massage therapy session, one 50-minute combination body massage with foot

      reflexology, one 50-minute full body massage with aromatherapy, or one 15-minute Reiki          Healing session]. 

  •  Invigorating guided outdoor excursions & activities to choose from, such as: progressive zipline, suspension bridges, waterpark activities, water tubing, paddle boarding, kayaking,

​      aqua cycling, archery, laser tag, horseback rides, atv/utv's, roller coaster rides, nature         

      bathing, go karts, art gallery tours, antiquing, a sip & paint art party, yoga, sound bowl

      meditation, and more. (Please be advised: each activity has limited availability; sign up

      necessary; minimums for signups must be met; and, the schedule of activities may be subject

      to change without prior notice.)

  • Four-day, three-night accommodations at a luxury mountain resort lodge in the North GA Mountains (near Helen, GA)

  • The Diva Dinner: Seven-course fine dining experience; each course comes complete with wine pairings selected by a Certified Wine Sommelier

  • An indulgent Paint & Sip Party featuring a local Atlanta artist and the creative design on a surprisingly unique medium

  •  One QE3 Rebirth Retreat Workbook filled with workshop materials, your assessment results, goals you've declared for yourself, your personalized Life Action Plan (LAP), as well as, coaching tools to aid your success - a Core Values eBook plus an Ikigai Self-Discovery Tool

  • One QE3 Quopon (a $650 value) to be used to continue your forward progress after the retreat. Select one MasterMind [group] coaching session, one 60-minute QE3 [individual] coaching session, one 35-minute speech for up to 50 people, -or- one 30-minute QE3 mindfulness manifestation strategy session.

  • Appetizing, wholesome & fresh gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, created onsite daily by a professional fine dining catering team, to satisfy your culinary desires, food sensitivity and/or dietary requirement(s)

  • A deeply relaxing and regenerative Sound Bowl Meditation experience 

  • Roundtrip transportation to & from the pickup site, the retreat venue & scheduled excursions 

  • Your choice of one QE3 logo shirt or hat

  •  One Quintessence Delights gift bag with pleasurable goodies to indulge your mind, body, senses and soul ❤️

  • Beverages, fruits & snacks provided daily

Enjoying Cabin Terrace
Gourmet Meal
laser tag.jpg
Head Massage

Experience the lantern lodge 

Lantern Lodge is a beautiful mountain resort lodge that is nestled above an amazing valley and has a breath-taking view of several mountains.

You can see the mountains of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee from the balconies of the nine bedroom, six bath resort.

Lantern Lodge is full of amenities, is nearby to popular activities and is quite well-fitted to host all those who await the
QE3 Rebirth Retreat experience.

Video tour

proposed ITINERARY*

Rebirth 1-Coaching Retreat.jpg
Rebirth 2-Coaching Retreat.jpg
Rebirth 4-Coaching Retreat.jpg

 *This is tentative Agenda of suggested workshops, activities, excursions and times. A formal Agenda will be firmed up and published as attendees register and secure their timeslots for activities, excursions, etc. Some room preferences, excursions and/or activities may be deleted or replaced based on availability, demand, needs, interest or for other undisclosed reasons (without prior notice to retreat guests, retreat host, activity facilitator, etc).

* Lodging accommodations on the property includes private and shared rooms. Shared rooms have a combination of king, queen, double, single, bunk and bunk-style beds.

* Please understand that selected beds and/or rooms may not be available at the time of your request, even if our site appears to make certain beds and/or rooms available.

* Unless a private room is secured -or- all roommates specifically name each other (with the shared room type being available), QE3 organizers have the sole responsibility of establishing roommate and/or rooming selections.

* No bed or room exchanges allowed, without first being requested and approved. All requests will be considered. We will do our best to honor the requests we can, however, please understand if your request is denied.

* Special diet requirements, allergies, special instructions and/or physical restrictions must be communicated in writing when securing resort retreat seat with the first resort retreat payment. Please understand you must remain vigilant at all times to ensure your sensitivities and/or preferences are honored.

* All workshops, activities, excursions, lodging accommodations, meal, snack & drink selections, transportation services, etc are provided on a first come, first available basis. 

 *This retreat involves individual pre-course work that is highly recommended for optimum aspirations to be achieved. Please turn in coursework and required materials by the required due date(s) and bring to the resort retreat all completed and uncompleted materials.

* This retreat involves a complex mixture of professional assessments, coaching tools, exercises, techniques, discussions, prompts, questioning, and assigned activities custom-designed to bring about individual Whole Being regeneration (i.e. the renewing, restoring and regrowing of core strengths, character strengths & specific skillsets that comprise personal intelligence, resilience and other crucial life management abilities). Resources used are at the complete discretion of the Certified Master Coach. 

* Every advertised inclusive, activity & service is subject to change without prior notice or explanation. Offerings are published in good faith.

Choose Your Thrill!

We welcome you to click each link and visit the websites for the excursions proposed for The QE3 Rebirth Retreat. Read each link and discover the various activities the venue offers. (Often, you will see more than you expect!) We welcome you to determine what excursions you prefer, get an idea of what to expect, understand the required dress attire, rules & requirements, see the waivers needed and appreciate the adventure that awaits!

Love what you see?

Secure your seat today

*A $7,500 value*
*A $7,500 value*
  • July Payment Plan
    Every month
    Monthly Payment Plan
    Valid for 4 months
    • (4) monthly payments of $800
    • Final payment due by April 31st
    • Choose anyday in February to start your plan on

lantern lodge layout
(i.e. retreat seat details)* 

* All accommodations are first come, first served and as supplies last.

Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 11.50.13 AM.PNG
Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 11.50.31 AM.PNG
Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 11.50.45 AM.PNG
Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 11.50.57 AM.PNG
Screen Shot 2022-06-17 at 11.51.08 AM.PNG

(outside cabin)
located on property 
external from main lodge

A. When paying electronically (ie. with online payments), please add $100 to your full payment and $15 to your deposit payment to cover processing fees.
*Fees for private rooms & monthly payments will vary.

B. To avoid processing fees, please mail your full, deposit & monthly payments to:

QE3 Synergies LLC
520 W. Ponce de Leon AV 

Suite #1344
Decatur, GA 30030

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