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Q: What if I don’t have a specific goal? Can I still come?

Of course you can! We support you in having whatever experience you choose for yourself! If you get here and decide you need clarity with what you truly want to accomplish, we are here for that, as well. In our Retreat Interview, I will ask specific questions and begin the process so you can identify & understand what's on your heart. There's no need to worry, if you do not feel that anything is pressing. You're exactly where you should be!

Q: How many spaces are available?

Rebirth :: The 2025 QE3 Retreat is designed to be a regenerative experience, which means empowering those who attend to foster their own individual transformation, for the better. This works best with small groups involved in group discussions, group activities and guided (individual) work. It is limited to 20 people.

Q: Will I have my own bedroom and bathroom?

The cost of the group retreat is based on shared-occupancy rooms and shared bathrooms. If you are interested in attending a group retreat with a buddy and want to be together in a shared room, please let us know. We are unable to guarantee room assignments but will try to accommodate. (I must say, the earlier you reserve your seat, the more likely this is possible.) Each bedroom is unique, as are the bathrooms. Some have a shower, while others have a bathtub, and some have both. Every single room is absolutely lovely. A very limited number of private rooms are available, both with shared & private baths, at an increased cost. 

Q: What can I expect from a typical day?

The day begins with optional spiritual exercises & physical activity. Our chefs will then present a group-style breakfast. Coffee, tea, water & snacks are available all day. We hope that you will join us in each workshop, where you can share as much, or as little, as you wish with the group. Workshops are followed by a coaching exercise session to re-enforce the content and give you time to reflect, absorb, and/or go deeper into the work. 


You will have some time after each workshop & activity to digest what was shared. After this free time, you can enjoy lunch. On Friday & Saturday (in the afternoon), you will enjoy outdoor excursions or an activity away from the campus. Dinner is enjoyed as a group. Another group activity is scheduled for the evenings. Sunday afternoons involve a relaxation and/or cleansing exercise to better equip you for your return home.

Q: Is there ongoing, one-on-one support offered so I am held

accountable beyond the retreat?

Yes, of course! All retreat participants have the option of an after-retreat session to keep them moving towards their goal. This is included in the retreat cost and allows each attendee to benefit from the retreat experience. You may also choose to work with Coach Renee more regularly or opt in for a MasterMind group experience (at an additional cost). Schedule a conversation via www.calendly/QE3Inspire to discover what would be most beneficial for your success.

Q: What if I get sick, or something comes up after I make a payment (or pay in full) and I can't attend? Can I get a refund?

We truly are committed to fostering our attendee's development and are happy to grant a refund up to two weeks prior to the start date. We encourage you to please consider joining us for the next QE3 retreat (instead of requesting a refund), but if this doesn't meet your satisfaction or you aren't able to attend, do let us know. Please understand that we are unable to issue a refund at the two week marker before the start date of the retreat. Feel free to speak with us directly regarding your personal circumstances. 

Q: Will there be vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free meal options?

Yes. The caterers are able to accommodate most dietary preferences. If you have special dietary requirements, please let us know when you secure your seat so we can make sure we prepare all the menus, with your very special needs in mind.

Q: What's this retreat experience like? Should I expect to cry?

Breakthroughs will likely happen and so should be expected. It is incredible to gain insight and clarity. There will be expressive and fun creative activity that often opens the door to transformation. When you experience the removal of blockage, a release can happen through tears, exclamations, dance, or laughter. Everyone is different. Our team is equipped to guide the developmental process and the work you're doing -and- make sure you have fun.

Q: Have any other question related to the retreat?

Send us your questions via email at or secure time on Coach Renee's calendar via and we will get you an answer.


Often retreat participants attend with the support of their

employer. If you'd like to discuss how to utilize

this retreat as a professional development activity,

please let us know.

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