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Introducing Your Retreat Host...

Renee Hutcherson Lucier, CMC



Renee Web Pic.png

Renee brings over 25 years of diverse corporate experiences to her passionate pursuit of Certified Master Coach, including managerial, sales, marketing, administrative, customer service and consulting. Renee distinguishes her approach to coaching as regenerating the Whole Being in this way:

* You use the dynamics of the Regenerative Mindset to move along your life journey;

* You develop higher levels of Emotional Intelligence (EI), Personal Intelligence (PI), Growth Mindset and Positivity;

* You adopt more resilient attitudes, habits, behaviors, self-talk and perspectives toward failure;

* You establish effective goal setting, accountability, achievement and reward by using The QE3 SMARTER Goal-Setting System;

* You step into definable action, release all of your power to bring about a life you want; and,

* You consistently utilize The QE3 Five-Prong Approach to align the Whole Person to show up the way you choose to live.

Experiencing quite a number of challenges within her personal and professional life, Renee has found the ability to persevere, while maintaining joy, exemplifying dignity, remaining hyper focused and living present in each moment. Because of this, she has a name synonymous with encouragement, wisdom, tenacity, resilience and determination with those who know her well. Renee has developed an inspiring voice that speaks to the truth that all things are possible. She is a beacon of light to those looking for their own muscle, using her ears, her heart and her passion for others to guide them in finding a way to do more than simply exist, but to thrive and to live what they believe to be true within their core being.

Renee is credentialed though the Center for Coaching Certification, a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration Finance from DeVry University. She is a current member of the ICF, American Business Women's Association (ABWA), National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and National Speakers Association (NSA). She regularly volunteers at Our House GA and serves wherever children, women and families are benefited. Renee enjoys traveling around the world, getting up close and personal with all people, as well as nurturing her love of adventure. She enjoys running, yachting, reading, writing, listening to music of all types and spending time with family and friends. Renee is the proud mother of one daughter, 28, and twin sons, 25.

Your Retreat Guides...
Meet The Quintessence Team (QT's)


Reagin Turner

"Hi! I’m Reagin and I work for a nonprofit called Kids Doc on Wheels. I'm very passionate about all aspects of wellbeing and am very excited to be your Wellness Guide. I’m very eager to meet you wherever you are on your journey. Can't wait to see you at the Rebirth Retreat!"


Leci Reid

"Hey! I’m Leci. I'm a data and software engineer. I'm so excited to be a Retreat Guide for your wellness experience. I believe mental & emotional health should always be the first priority. I look forward to meeting you and providing support for you."


Jada Perdum

"Hey! I’m Jada. My passion is design and healing through art. I'm very honored and excited to be your Wellness Guide. Mental health and self love have become priorities in my life and I'm blessed to be around women who are prioritizing it also! I look forward to meeting you!"


O'Brie Eggleston

Kelsey Perkins

"Hello! I’m O’Brie, an entrepreneur currently running my own art label and nonprofit. I'm very grateful to be able to guide you on your journey for wellness and personal growth. This retreat is so special! I am honored to be one of the Retreat Guides during your experience.
Can’t wait to meet you!"

" Hey I’m Kelsey! I'm a data engineer, who is a mental health enthusiast. I truly believe that a renewed mind is the key to an abundant life. I’m very excited to help guide you through your journey of positivity and greater self-awareness. Get ready for a
phenomenal retreat!"

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