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Hello fabulous, Diva!


Join us for Rebirth 2025!


The QE3 Rebirth Retreat is specifically designed to facilitate the renewing, regenerating and thriving of your Whole Being. To bring about YOU empowering your own Self and manifesting your own deliverance from whatever had you locked down.


With this retreat, you discover what makes you completely irresistable and potent and then learn how to leverage it to completely uplevel your dreams, passions, love life, relationships, profession/business, finances, and more.


With this retreat, you will gain insight into the power of Self-Love, actually learn how it brings about the Diva Dynamic and then begin to tap into your unique magical resources to create that powerful shift that will completely transform your life.


The Diva attending this retreat will discover her primary Love languages; cultivate a daily Self-Love mindset; nurture her own Self-Love gifts, passions and dreams; and, step into courage to empower her own Self-Love journey.


Go ahead and invest in yourself because you are more than worth it!


Secure your seat n-o-w.


Get Diva Priority status on room and bed-selection, as well as workshops, outdoor excursions and other exciting first-come, first-served phenomenal Diva Dynamic activities.


Get access to Diva Dynamic giveaways!


Priority Diva Access includes accommodation for one (1) retreat seat for one (1) amazing diva.


You will have your own bed in a shared room that has access to a shared bathroom, unless you specifically request Exclusive Access (which is a private room with a private bath) or a Semi-Private Access (which is a private room with a semi-private bath). Both of these options are limited in availability and are offered at a higher cost, which will be published at a later time.


Commit Diva Dynamic power for your future self ...TODAY!


Make your deposit right now ... so your Priority Diva Retreat seat doesn't get away! EARLY BIRD PRICING is subject to end without notice. 


Then make your installment payment to pay off your balance.


*Retreat seats (ie. rooms) are limited.


More details will be posted on the website, emailed and promoted via social media as soon as it is available.


* When paying electronically (ie. with online payments), please add $100 to your full payment $40 to your monthly payment and $15 to your deposit to cover online processing fees.*


To avoid processing fees, please mail your full, deposit and monthly payments payments to:

QE3 Synergies LLC

520 W. Ponce de Leon AV

Box #1344

Decatur, GA 30030

DEPOSIT :: Priority Retreat Seat for Rebirth :: The QE3 2025 Retreat

  • Presenting ... THE QE3 REBIRTH 2025 RETREAT


    EARLY BIRD PRICING will end without notice. We try to make paying for your retreat as easy as your decision to attend. After making your deposit, please make your first installment payment of $400 by January 1, 2024. Then make monthly payments of $400 by February 28th & the 30th of each subsequent month. The final payment for your retreat is due in full by January 1, 2025. 

    Please know we will not bill you unless you are at least three (3) months behind on making your installment payments.

    You may make additional payments at any time in the followng ways:

    * via the paymentportal on our website (; 

    * thru PayPal (@QE3Synergies): or,

    * by mail to QE3 Synergies, 520 W. Ponce de Leon AV, Ste #1344, Decatur, GA).

    ** When paying using our website and/or PayPal, you will incur processing fees of varying amounts. These fees are external to QE3 and as such, we have no control over them. To minimize extra fees, we invite you to send payments to us by mail.

    If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 808.657.6100.

    Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in your all-empowering personal development! The journey is going to be absolutely dynamic, Diva! 

  • The QE3 REBIRTH 2025 Retreat Deposit is fully refundable in the event you are not able to attend, so long as you communicate your status to us in writing by November 1, 2024. Please email us at

    Please read the FAQ page and Retreat Waiver prior to securing your seat with payment, in order to better understand crucial information and your responsibility regarding the retreat. Signed Waivers, Releases and other forms are due prior to attending. Thank you! 

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