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Hello, fabulous!


I humbly thank you for your consideration, my friend.


There are sooo many who are desperately desiring to dynamically transform their circumstances. All they need is a little help. Future dynamos with broken wings contact me often, in need of a little help, in order to get what is needed to pull themselves up. It truly does my heart good to invest in their tomorrow, today. I hope you will join me!


I thank you for investing in this Broken Wing Fund to empower a Diva today!


We humbly thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a catalyst in someone else's breakthrough. We can match you anonymously -or- via our Zoom room (ie. without

an exchange of personal/contact information) to allow you to be in contact with the Diva who's receiving your support.


On this site, there is a minimum donation of $100. You may choose to give above that amount, up to $3000. Please contact us @ 808.657.6100 to donate amounts other than $100. No amount is too small.


100% of your donation goes towards supporting a person in need. You are greatly appreciated! Please know your contribution (in part or in full) will truly be a blessing to a Diva, whom we have determined truly has need.


Thank you in advance! And may you be eternally & earthly blessed! Hugs! <3

DONATION :: Broken Wing Fund ... Donate to Another Diva's Rebirth!

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